5 quick fix tips to help you with your anxiety ….

  1. Breathe in and out deeply and evenly – This will help slow down and centre your mind
  2. Follow the 3-3-3 rule – Look around you and name three things you see, name three sounds you hear and finally, move three parts of your body – fingers, arm or leg ….  This will help you to centre your mind and bring you back to the present moment
  3. Do something – Stand up, go for a walk, tidy a cupboard – anything that interrupts your train of thought helps you regain a sense of control
  4. Watch a funny video – Laughing has loads of benefits for our mental health and well-being. It lowers stress hormones and relaxes your muscles.;
  5. Remember your anxiety is just a ‘thought’ – so say to yourself, it is just a thought and sweep it aside with your hand or send it away in a balloon

Getting into a pattern of rethinking fears helps train your brain to come up with a rational way to deal with anxious thoughts.