Blue Monday falls on the 17th January this year and is believed to be the most depressing day of the year.   It’s at the time of year when we’re thought to be susceptible to feeling down because the weather’s usually cold, we’re back at work, we’ve get the Christmas credit card bill and we’re feeling guilty for already breaking our New Year’s Resolutions.

But are we actually destined to be blue on this day?  Of course not.  It was originally a PR stunt to promote winter deals for a travel company and to encourage people to book a holiday.

  • Blue Monday is a myth – there are no scientific studies or research that back it up
  • We all have good and bad days – everyone is different, so we can’t all feel exactly the same way on one particular day

If you do wake up on the 17th January though and feel a bit of those Blue Monday blues, change your Blue Monday mindset to a Happy Monday mindset.  Focus on the 3P’s and start to feel those positive hormones running through your body and mind:

  • Positive interactions – ring up or meet friend or family, smile and laugh which instantly lifts our spirits
  • Positive activities – go for a walk or a run, help someone or give yourself some time to do something you enjoy like reading
  • Positive thoughts – focus on all the positive/good things that are happening in your life.  For each negative thought you might have, replace it with three positives.

And use positive affirmations – try to start every day with a positive thought, saying, memory or quote that sets you up for the best possible start. Don’t forget to keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day too.

Make this Monday a day to remember and refocus!  Forget BLUE MONDAY and make it a HAPPY MONDAY instead!