Five Reasons for doing Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing helps you prepare for the birth of your baby and cope with labour calmly and confidently.  Hypnobirthing techniques can be learnt online but also in group classes or individual sessions.

It is good to start from 20+ weeks which gives you plenty of time to practise the skills learned so that you can be in control of any situation that may arise during your labour and birth.  It’s a definite plus if your birth partner comes along too so that they can support and work with you.

Here are five great reasons for doing hypnobirthing classes:

  1. You will learn deep relaxation, visualisation, breathing and discomfort management methods.  These techniques will help you to reduce any anxiety or fear and help your body through the natural process of giving birth without you tensing up & being afraid.  You are also likely to experience less pain during the birth.
  2. You will understand how the body & your baby works during all stages of labour and birth – this is important for using the visualisation techniques so that you can help your baby to be born – working in partnership with your baby. 
  3. Have you ever considered the possibility of a home birth?  We talk about the importance of the birth environment – pros and cons of having your baby at home or hospital.  And also how you can ensure that you feel calm & comfortable in your birth environment.
  4. You will also learn about making decisions using a great tool called ‘Cartesian questioning’.  By using this tool, it will help you to understand and be fully informed of decisions that need to be made during labour and birth.  Is it necessary to be induced or have a c-section for example.
  5. You will also learn the importance of using positive language, ‘affirmations’, anchors or positive mantras to help you to stay focused.  Aided with our set of Affirmation Cards and Calm & Confident Workbook.

Our 4 week course will empower you to feel prepared, in control, calm and confident.  It will help you to build your confidence and at the same time help you to build a relationship with your unborn baby.  And it will give you skills that you can use throughout your life!