• Did you know that absenteeism cost UK employers around £21 billion each year in 2020, with each business losing around £500 per employee per year in associated costs?
  • Or that around 57% of total employee absence is due to mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression and that figure is likely to be higher as a result of Covid?
  • This could account for as many as 70 million lost work days each year, according to the Mental Health Foundation, which most businesses simply can’t afford to lose.
  • How much do we really understand about stress, anxiety or depression and how can you help your employees to reduce these levels?

This 2 hour workshop will talk about stress & anxiety – the good, the bad and the very bad.  We will explain how the brain works in relations to stress, the impact of stress; biological, psychological & behavioural.  And how you can deal with stress and put strategies into place for coping with stress & anxiety.

This workshop is for anyone responsible for managing staff at any level or for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety or depression themselves.

For more information, email or call 07904 500307.