Meet the Team: Jo Fisher, lead hypnotherapist

  1. What led you to become interested in hypnotherapy?

I was an international business consultant focusing on the China market and visiting there around 6 times each year. I had done quite a few projects on the healthcare sector in China over the years and this involved visiting and meeting doctors who carried out TCM – traditional Chinese medicine – so I became very interested in holistic therapy. 

My eldest daughter had done a hypnobirthing course and had both her boys at home without medication or interventions using hypnosis techniques which triggered an interest in hypnosis. I found the CPHT hypnotherapy training course online by chance and decided to apply for the course – which is one of the best things I have ever done.

  1. What is your favourite part about being a hypnotherapist?

Helping my clients to get to where they want to be and seeing the positive changes in them week by week.

  1. If you could go absolutely anywhere in the world on holiday, where would it be?

What a question! Anywhere and everywhere – from beaches to exploring to culture – Vietnam, Cuba and Croatia are my top three at the moment.

  1. What are your top three favourite books?

I love psychological thrillers and crimes. I’ve just finished Falling by TS Lewin which is absolutely brilliant.

  1. What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Be yourself and believe in yourself.

  1. Share an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know.

I can speak Spanish. I spent a year in Barcelona working and studying many moons ago.

  1. How do you incorporate a positive mindset in your own life?

I’m a glass half full type of person anyway. I try to keep focused on the positives in my life and make sure that I have enough self-care time each day.

  1. What’s your favourite restaurant in the Huddersfield area?

Definitely Grappolo’s.

  1. What hobbies do you take part in to unwind?

I like to relax, sitting out in the sun or walking and of course meeting & going out with friends.

  1. What’s your favourite film, and why?

Love Actually – it’s a feel-good film which I can watch over and over again.