To Zoom or not to Zoom ….. benefits of online hypnotherapy ……

Hypnotherapy was definitely a challenge when lockdown started because face to face sessions had to stop instantly.  And then there was that phase of shock, panic, anxiety ……..  and a whole lot of uncertainty.  People felt alone, lonely, scared and not sure of what the future would hold.  I was exactly the same.  My sessions with clients’ stopped and over the first couple of weeks of lockdown, I had to give myself a good talking to as well as having some hypnotherapy relaxation to reduce my stress bucket and anxiety.

After getting over the shock of what lockdown was about, I pulled myself together and went back into my intellectual mind with a positive mindset and made the decision to look into the different platforms to provide my hypnotherapy services virtually.  At the same time, I contacted all my clients pre-lockdown to check that they would be happy for us to carry on with the sessions online.  Interestingly, only one client decided it wasn’t for them – that was fine and I respected their decision.  But I was pleasantly surprised that everyone else was up for online hypnotherapy!    I already had Microsoft Teams and Skype and knew I could use Facebook and WhatsApp but decided to download Zoom and give that platform a try with my clients.  I wasn’t totally sure how it would work because we all know that there is nothing like personal contact.

Of course, there have been problems …………………..

  • Bad & lost connections
  • Technophobes
  • Dogs barking
  • Amazon knocking VERY loudly on the door – and you have to answer so that they can leave the parcel and they can take their picture
  • Difficulties for some clients to get the privacy in their home with spouses and children about

But the benefits totally outweigh the problems …………….

  • No fuel costs
  • No travelling time
  • No parking costs
  • No need to get dressed or washed (haha!) – what do we have on below our waists??!!
  • You can relax in your own home
  • We can do hypnotherapy anywhere in the world ….

So I am a convert –  yes, definitely looking forward to face to face sessions again – but I am just as happy to treat clients for anxiety, stress, depression & low moods, confidence & low self-esteem, weight management and stopping smoking online as well as face-to-face.

If you would like an online session, we will ask you to find a private space in your home where you can relax – sitting upright for the first part of the session and either a reclining chair or  lying down for the trance part of the session with your phone, ipad, laptop etc positioned so that we can see your face and upper body.  We will explain at the start of the session what will happen if we lose the connection.  And you can just relax and enjoy the experience.

Online hypnotherapy

What does the client say??

“Online hypnotherapy was a totally relaxing and beneficial experience.  Experiencing the treatment in the comfort and safety of my own surroundings truly enhanced the treatment for me as I already felt comfortable at the beginning of the session and it allowed me more time to listen and understand how the brain works.”  Suzanne