What can you expect from a hypnotherapy session …………………….?

I can’t remember the exact reason that I decided to train to be a hypnotherapist.  For sure, it fascinated me and the fact that my eldest daughter, Alex, had both her babies using hypnobirthing and had walked over hot coals, made me even more interested. 

I know that the trigger for many people training to become a hypnotherapist is that they have actually used it to overcome anxiety and depression and hypnotherapy has changed their life totally for the better.  I’ve had depression over the years but had always resorted to the ‘chemical’ help which worked well enough at the time.  But I can honestly say that if I ever have depression again, I would definitely NOT go back to the pills, because I know that hypnotherapy works.  I’ve seen it work with my clients and it has kept me calm and stress free as I’ve treated my clients. 

Hypnotherapy helps with a whole host of conditions including anxiety, depression & low mood.  It also helps with confidence & self-esteem, it can get rid of fears & phobias and helps with pain management, weight loss and stopping smoking.  It is about changing your mindset, emptying your ‘stress bucket’ and helping you to have those positive thoughts which come about through positive interaction and positive action. It’s not magic (even if you think it is from stage hypnotists!).  It also needs input & a little work from you to help the process – nothing difficult and certainly nothing to worry about. 

The process is simple and let me explain how it works.  First of all, we may have an informal chat over the phone,  If you would like to proceed, we will then arrange a date and time for the Initial Consultation – which can either be online or face-to-face in my consulting room (with current PPE in place as well as social distancing).  My Initial Consultation is free and will take around 50 minutes.  It is about learning more about you and gathering relevant information to make sure that I will be able to help you.  I will then explain how the brain works (which is very interesting) and this will help you to understand why you are feeling the way that you do.  I will also give you my hypnotherapy relaxation MP3 download or CD and ask you to listen to it every night before our next session. 

Subsequent sessions are also 50 minutes and I will use trance.  Nothing to worry about as we go into trance many times a day, when we are driving, watching TV or running.  Remember the time that you drove to work and couldn’t recall the drive – that is exactly trance!!  We are using our subconscious mind.  And this is how trance will work with your problem, our two minds come together and focus on the same thing.  When we are in that state, we have access to the subconscious mind.

Please listen to a sample of my relaxation trance to give you a feel of what it offers  – click here https://jofisherhypnotherapy.org/ and scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your details, listen and relax for 5 minutes ………………………………………………………….

31 July 2020