Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16 May)

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16 May) and this year’s theme is connecting with nature.

Nature can have a positive impact on emotional wellbeing, and it has for many over this year in particular during the pandemic.

Read more about Mental Health Foundation’s top tips on connecting with nature to improve your mental health including:

  • Find nature wherever you are, in whatever way is meaningful for you
  • Connect with nature using all of your senses to help you to find a sense of calm and joy
  • Get out into nature – green spaces like parks, gardens or forests or blue spaces like the beach, rivers and wetlands
  • Bring nature to you – having plants in the house, posts of herbs from the supermarket
  • Exercise in nature – run, cycle or short walk – may help to reduce feelings of anger, tiredness and sadness
  • Combine nature with creativity – dance, music or art activities outside
  • Protect nature

And download their free “Thriving with Nature” guide which was created in partnership with WWF-UK – with even more tips and activities to enjoy nature every season of the year.

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