What about your New Year Resolution for 2021?

What a question after the year we have just had and the current national lockdown ………

The most common New Year’s resolutions in the UK include losing weight, improving diet, doing more exercise and of course, stopping drinking.  And in 2020, 4 million people signed upto Dry January – that’s 1 in 10 people that drink wanting to stop or cut down.

So what are your New Year Resolutions for 2021? 

It’s been a very strange year this year and we’re all hoping for 2021 to be a more positive year.  The response to the anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic hascaused us to eat more and drink more to help us cope with the situation and this then becomes our coping strategy and becomes a habit.  

Did you know that if stress hormones are high, then feel-good hormones are low….?  And this is a problem because the brain is always looking for the feel-good factor and eating or drinking is a much quicker way to get that dopamine feel good hit.  And that can then lead into the dopamine trap.  Dopamine motivates us to hunt and gather and then have a lovely happy feeling after eating or drinking.  But dopamine can go wrong, if we are low.  The more weight we put on, the less dopamine we produce and we will then need to eat more to get that feel-good factor – and then we are in a vicious circle.  

So that will help you to understand why you eat more and drink more in times of stress!

What about willpower though you may ask…..?  Willpower helps of course to cut back on food and the booze – but the only problem with willpower is that as the day continues, our glucose levels in our brain are low and willpower decreases.  This is why we are always more motivated in the morning and by evening, because we have used up our glucose supply, we give in and have some fish & chips or a large glass of wine.  Sounds familiar??

So how can you tackle your New Year Resolution(s) then?

Set yourself positive and motivating goals

  • they should be small, realistic & achievable
  • plan your meals for the week and don’t buy anything that might tempt you
  • put your booze and Christmas chocolate in the garage – out of sight, out of mind!
  • set yourself some exercise each day – even if it is only a 5 minute walk.  Make it easy for you, for example put your walking shoes by the door so that you don’t have to look for them (and make an excuse to yourself that you can’t find them or can’t be bothered …..)
  • keep talking to friends, family, colleagues or even greeting fellow walkers
  • And try solution focused hypnotherapy …….!!

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you to reduce your alcohol intake and manage your weight by

  • helping you to understand the brain and how it works – and how you can ignore those cravings and start to regain control
  • helping you to reduce stress which then reduces cortisol and reduces fat storage which is normally around your middle
  • helping you to create a positive mindset and balanced approach to both alcohol and food and,
  • helping you to create positive habits and turn them into lifetime behaviours

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